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Good Question…How Did We Come Up…???x

The ever curious taste buds of Kolkatans and the enormous love that they share for it inspired us to come up with this idea of portraying exquisite cuisines to perfection, with sophistication. In Kolkata, eateries exist in plenty but quality restaurants…??? ummmm… scanty. This is an area we specialize in.


Our mission is to make Kolkata Pantry a culinary mark in the hospitality industry of Kolkata and in future expand the business into further geographic areas along with satisfying our clients with top notch service and mouth-watering delicacies at an affordable price.

Come… Taste Us…


We are concerned about our clients and believe in presenting different tastes that will suit the palate of every member of a household. Regardless of age anyone can come down to our restaurant and enjoy our exotic cuisines.

We are confident about our quality and preparation of food and also believe in presenting high class services that will give you one of its kind experience.


Historically Kolkata has been the paradise for food lovers and Kolkatans crave for good food. People were never as explorative with their food as they are in recent times and we love the change! They love to discover exotic places to dine. India, with its culturally diverse states has umpteen recipes and tastes to offer for its food lovers with Kolkata being one of the major food cities of the country. Therefore, we at Kolkata Pantry came up with a multi-cuisine kitchen, where our chefs prepare delectable Continental, Tandoor, Chinese, Indian and BBQ dishes.

Our chefs at Kolkata Pantry excel in preparing authentic dishes that will not only delight your taste buds but also notch up your food experience making you want for more. Our kitchen excels in presenting amazing dishes, that too at an affordable price. It’s time for Kolkata to experience true flavours at its own pantry!

We are concerned about our consumers and believe in presenting good quality food that will suit the palate of every member of a household. Not only the youth but also consumers of every age can come down to our restaurant and enjoy our deliciously prepared food.

Nonetheless, even though we are confident about our quality and preparation of food, we also believe in presenting high–class services that will give you experience that your money’s worth.

Kolkata Pantry Riders… x

Our Senior Director, Indranil, with a plethora of experiences, set out with a vision to create a mark in Kolkata’s hospitality industry. He understands the vibe that encourages people to explore different eateries and try out new enticing dishes. 

Our Director, Suvrendu, always had the pursuit to start his own venture. After his graduation, he decided to build his own platform while working at a PSB and took the first step towards creating our amazing pantry. He bravely took the leap to push off the corporate jungle and materialise his own dream that we now call Kolkata Pantry… Jamais vu.